Recommendation Guidelines

Your Recommendation is Important


You must submit two letters of recommendation in order for your application to be considered complete. Recommendations are extremely important. Your recommenders should know you well and be aware of your life situation as well as your academic and personal attributes.  Recommenders should be a current or recent high school teacher, or other school administrator. This person must not be a relative.

In order to assist you with this process, we have developed this SIMON SCHOLAR RECOMMENDATION REQUEST FORM. We recommend that you download this form, complete it to the best of your ability, and give a copy of the completed document to your recommenders. While this is not a required component of the application, we believe that your recommenders will be able to write a stronger letter if you provide them with this information. It is your responsibility to follow up with your recommender to ensure they have submitted the letter electronically. Please allow your recommender adequate time to compose a thoughtful recommendation. Approach them at least 2 weeks before the recommendation is due.


The New Mexico Simon Scholars Program is highly selective and your letter of recommendation is an important component of the student’s application and our selection process. With this in mind, we invite you to submit a Letter of Recommendation on the student’s behalf.  Once the student has submitted your name as a recommender, you will receive a personalized link via email to upload your letter of recommendation to our website.  Please contact us at if you have any problems with this process.  Completed applications are due from the students on February 25, 2022. We ask that you have your recommendation complete and submitted no later than the deadline.

The students have been prompted to complete a Recommendation Request Form and deliver it to each recommender in order to share pertinent information about their personal, educational and extracurricular background. If you did not receive a copy of this form, you can download a copy here and ask the student to complete it for you. You do not need to submit this along with your letter.

Based on your direct experiences with this student, please help us understand how the student will benefit from participation in our program, the character strengths that the student brings to the program, and the qualities that make this student stand out among his/her peers. While we seek students who possess strong character and academic potential, we also hope to select students who stand to gain the most from participation in the program.

Please make sure that your letter includes:

  • Your name, title and relationship to the applicant
  • How well and how long you have known the applicant
  • Your contact information (phone/e-mail) in the event that we need to contact you for additional information