If you are interested in becoming a Simon Scholar and you meet the following criteria, please speak directly to your high school guidance counselor or designated Simon Scholars Liaison, listed at the bottom of this page, for more information. A representative of the Simon Scholars Program will visit your school to discuss the program and answer questions.

Eligibility Criteria

1.  Must be enrolled in a designated Simon Scholar High School:

  • Capital High School

    Liaison: Shantel Dixon, AVID 12 Teacher
  • New Mexico School for the Arts

    Liaison: Acacia McCombs, College Advisor
  • Santa Fe High School

    Liaison: Charlotte Ault, AVID 11 Teacher
  • Albuquerque High School
    Liaisons: Randi Banach, AVID Coordinator
    Marc Davidson, College and Career Counselor
  • Native American Community Academy
    Liaison: James Montoya, College Engagement
  • South Valley Academy
    Liaison: Sandra Aaron, Director of College Transition

2.  Must be a current sophomore with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

3.  Must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.

4.  Must demonstrate significant financial need. Below is the general guideline the Program uses when considering an applicant’s financial need.

Students whose household income is near to the figures listed below will receive stronger consideration than those whose household income is significantly higher than the levels listed below.

Number of people in the household Income Guideline
1 $25,000
2 $30,000
3 $40,000
4 $50,000
5 $60,000
6 $65,000
7 $75,000
8 $80,000

5.  Must be enrolled in college preparatory coursework and on track to graduate on time.

6.  Must submit a completed application along with academic transcript, two letters of recommendation, personal essays and parental income verification (tax return).