The cool thing about working with The Odyssey is the fact that I am able to write just about anything. I could write a rant on the elections, a poem, a short-story or even a compilations of funny GIFS that accurately represent how 2016 was for me. Usually, I’ll write about societal issues because I’m what you would refer to as a “social justice junkie.” If you ever read any of my posts, you’ll see that a lot of what I write is based on my personal life. I do this simply because I find it easy to convey a message based on what I’ve learned from my experiences. Not to mention that it also helps me see a new light on previous experiences, so in a way I am helping myself grow as an individual. Also, I’ve realized that I receive more readers for articles that show some vulnerability which yields greater bonds and valuable conversations with people.

I’ve received some pretty good feedback on what I write about. I have a few friends that are nice enough to share my posts in an attempt to receive some more viewers. So far I haven’t started a crazy Facebook debate where people end up hating each other but I’m not saying that’s not a goal either. If you are a writer, I’d recommend looking into joining The Odyssey since it is an organization that is present in multiple universities across the nation. If you are a bit nervous to share any of your writing, start off slowly! Attend a slam poetry session or show your writing to a friend.

This is just a small bit from one of the articles that I wrote based on an experience I had while I was in Middle School:

To The Nurse That Told Me To Stop Speaking Spanish

Hello ma’am,

I don’t know if that’s your preferred way to be addressed by those younger than you, but I learned that it is a way to address women. I was in 6th grade when we had our lovely conversation. Except, it wasn’t much of a conversation because the words you spoke didn’t make sense to me at the time, so I couldn’t answer whatever it was you were saying. Now, I understand that you’re a school nurse and you must see children in your office quite often so you may not remember me and that’s fine, but I certainly remember you.

Let me just remind you how everything went…
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